Linear Bearings

Looking at the vehicles and other machines that the modern world has, it would be quite fascinating to watch them move. But have you ever wondered how they actually work and what makes them move? Do you know that such machines are made up of many smaller machines? Yes, everything that moves has bearings. And these tiny machines are the ones responsible for the movement of any motor vehicle or machine that you see nowadays. This is why bearings are so in demand in the industrial technology. You can visitĀ, and learn about one of the leading companies that supply bearings.


hgshgsahgashgasA bearing is one of the most important elements of a machine. It compels relative motion to only the desired movement, and it decreases friction between two moving parts. This is the reason bearings are called ‘small machines.’ Without them, it would be impossible for a car to move nor any machine to operate.

Basically, the movement of a machine depends on the design of the bearings that it is made up of. It may provide a linear movement or rotation around a fixed axis. Furthermore, a bearing may stop or limit movements by controlling the forces that bear the moving parts.

Let us explore more on linear bearings.

Linear bearings

As the term ‘linear’ suggests, linear bearings allow linear movement. This means that the machine will be able to move in a straight line. A good example for this is a drawer that can be pushed and pulled. This particular category of a bearing is further subdivided into two – rolling-element bearing and plain bearings.

Rolling-element bearings

Rolling-element bearings are characterized by smooth movement, low friction, high rigidity, and long life. They are quite economical as they are easy to maintain and replace. Again, this type of linear bearing may come in the form of ball bearing slides and roller slides. The most common applications include construction industry, manufacturing industry, electronics, and automation machinery just to mention a few.

Plain bearings

This type of linear bearing is almost the same as rolling-element bearings. The only difference is that they slide without involving ball bearings. It is considered as the simplest form of bearing as it only has a bearing surface. The journal, which is the part of the shaft or rod that contacts with the bearing, slide over the bearing surface.

hgshgashgaAdditionally, plain bearings are the least expensive form of bearing that you can find in the marketplace. They are small and lightweight, but they can carry or withstand high-load. Check the link to learn more about plain bearings.