All about the Champions in League of Legends


You downloaded the game League of Legends and got around with your abilities how to move around the map, and the next step is selecting the champions. There are about eighty plus champions to pick from but select a few that you are most comfortable in playing with. Try out the free champions at the beginning. Check out more information at

Before you start

Before every match starts selecting your favorite champion, this is the character you will want to use in the battle. fjrgwAccordingly to your preference you can select from the undead mage, a brave knight, a giant granite golem, a little boy sitting on a Yeti, and much more can be chosen. All in all, there will be 80 champions characters and every week one more champ is added. Evry champions have four distinct abilities. Three normal ones and one extra high strength which are the “Ultimate”.You will start to learn the skills by leveling up in the game.


When your maximum champion level is 18, that indicates that you have 5 points in each normal ability and 3 in your ultimate. You will receive the leveling up by being close when enemy minions or neutral monsters are destroyed by your troops, remember it’s not necessary to kill them yourself!. Also receiving experience for leveling up by killing or assisting in destroying opponent enemy champions. At the initial stages you can play whatever you think it’s the best but later communicate with the team members before the game begins so that you will have a balanced setup of selected champions.

Other Champions

Some different kinds of champions are Mages the”AP Carries”: ( AP means ability power, they mainly deal magical damage with their abilities). The Fighters also called AD Carries”: (AD means Attack Damage, they mainly deal physical damage with their auto attacks).
ljrrlvbljblThe Supports have either buff or heals to help their carries and keep them alive. The Tanks, These guys are hard to kill and protect their carries, for example by stunning or insulting the enemies. And finally the Junglers. They don’t start on the path but in the jungle and support their teammates by ambushing their enemies. You can also place items that can be equipt on the Champions; this will affect on the different roles they will be playing. In the beginning, you will not have your own champions, but weekly there will be ten free ones which everyone can use. Buy more champions from Influence points in the shop.

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